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Fandom: Star Trek (AOS)
Pairing: Kirk x Spock
Rating: T
Author's note: This is not only my first K/S fanfic, but it's also the first thing that I was able to write in 7 years so please be gentle. Thanks.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters.
Note: I posted this on my lj over a year ago. I have so many spirk fic ideas in my head. I really need to get them written down.

Spock never imagined a kiss from Jim would feel like this. The voluptuous sting of it sent shivers coursing through his body. The kisses that followed were no less intense so Spock wasn’t surprised that he ended up in the Captain’s Quarters with Jim. Their clothes somehow found its way pooled around their feet while Jim kept their lips flushed together. Hours later, their amorous activities left the air heated and sweat clung to their bodies. Jim slowly pulled out of Spock and wrapped his arms around the Vulcan. Spock stroked the heated flesh over Jim’s chest, feeling his heart beating erratically. Concern coursed through him and it must’ve been etched across his face.

“I’m all right, sweetheart, Jim whispered, his heartbeat finally calming down to a steady pulse.

Spock didn’t say anything. He continued stroking Jim’s skin until Jim fell asleep and he joined him in slumber soon after.


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