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Title: Billet-doux
Fandom: Star Trek (AOS)
Pairing: Kirk x Spock
Rating: pg-13

Spock reread the letter that Jim had given him one year ago today – a billet-doux his mother’s voice squealed with delight. He was in his quarters waiting for Jim to return so they could celebrate their one year anniversary. Their anniversary happened to have fallen on the earth holiday, Saint Valentine’s Day, and Spock was certain that if his mother was still alive she would’ve cooed over how romantic it was. The holiday was illogical to be sure, but the anniversary marking the day they both confessed their love meant a great deal to Spock. He may not have had inherited his mother’s blushing blood, but her human DNA runs deep in his veins. The DNA that made it difficult for him to have complete control over his emotions – his passions. It was what made it possible for him to accept his feelings for the captain. James Kirk had always accepted Spock for who he was and never expected him to change. Spock appreciated this, but for so long he believed that Jim could never feel anything for him but friendship. Jim was quite emotional, even for a human being and Spock felt that he could never be what Jim would want and need.
This was what he believed until that day when Jim showed up at his quarters with the note in hand. He looked a bit flushed, blue eyes shining brightly.
“I—uh, here you go,” Jim said, looking uncomfortable. “Disregard it if you don’t feel the same. But if you do, then please come to my quarters after shift is over.”
Spock stared down at the letter in his hands and then back up to see his captain’s retreating back. He had never seen Jim so fidgety. He slowly opened the letter and read it. The note only contained one sentence:

I love you.

Three little words and yet they made Spock’s heart flush with unexpected pleasure and joy.

And now one year later those three little words still made his heart palpitate. Spock tucked the note into his desk and straightened his light long-sleeved tunic. The room was warm and rosy – the temperature was lowered so Jim wouldn’t suffer from a heat stroke, but it was still at a degree that Spock was still comfortable.

He sensed his love heading towards his quarters and stood tall as Jim strolled in. They quickly melted into a luxurious kiss, a frisson of desire ignited between them.

“Happy anniversary,” Jim whispered.
rose_erato: (pic#6340502)
Fandom: Star Trek (AOS)
Pairing: Kirk x Spock
Rating: T
Author's note: This is not only my first K/S fanfic, but it's also the first thing that I was able to write in 7 years so please be gentle. Thanks.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters.
Note: I posted this on my lj over a year ago. I have so many spirk fic ideas in my head. I really need to get them written down.

Spock never imagined a kiss from Jim would feel like this. The voluptuous sting of it sent shivers coursing through his body. The kisses that followed were no less intense so Spock wasn’t surprised that he ended up in the Captain’s Quarters with Jim. Their clothes somehow found its way pooled around their feet while Jim kept their lips flushed together. Hours later, their amorous activities left the air heated and sweat clung to their bodies. Jim slowly pulled out of Spock and wrapped his arms around the Vulcan. Spock stroked the heated flesh over Jim’s chest, feeling his heart beating erratically. Concern coursed through him and it must’ve been etched across his face.

“I’m all right, sweetheart, Jim whispered, his heartbeat finally calming down to a steady pulse.

Spock didn’t say anything. He continued stroking Jim’s skin until Jim fell asleep and he joined him in slumber soon after.


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